The Photograph

The Photograph

When you collect stories of the paranormal, you always get some that make you say “Hmmmm”. A friend told me a story of a house she went to when she was looking to buy. She insists that it kept changing from modern to Victorian in décor when she went into a room. Do I believe her? I guess I have to if I expect people to believe me. After studying the paranormal, I have come to realize anything is possible.

One of my fellow investigators was telling us about a photograph in her mother’s possession. Lana’s aunt was an artist and painted a picture of what they call The Old Home Place. Generations of family were raised in this old farmhouse. Lana’s mother has a photo of the painting. After the aunt died, the photo changed. There is what appears to be a figure of a woman waving from the back porch. She is wearing a white dress, which is what Aunt Nancy was buried in. A small animal seems to be at her feet. Nancy was an animal rights activist. Within a years time, Lana lost a cousin, a sister, and her father. The photo kept changing. What appears to be a man is standing on the lower porch, in the spot where Lana’s father would stand and drink his morning coffee. A little girl with a bobbed haircut looks to be playing near the lilac bush where Lana and her sisters would play as children. On the upper porch seems to be a young man standing.

I saw this photo a few years ago and saw it again recently. In that time, more figures seem to be appearing. There is a bench which looks to hold a man and a child, with a woman standing behind, as well as a couple of other children playing. It is a fascinating photograph, and I have no explanation.

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