Hey, That’s Mine!

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from my files–Bluebird Inn, Gold Hill, Colo

There are many stories told of spirits that seems to follow a favorite item. It may be purchased at an auction, a yard sale, inherited, or it might be an item on display at a museum. Here are some stories passed on to me:

The Haunted Furniture

Stephanie bought a sofa and a dresser at a used furniture store when she moved in with a roommate and her young daughter. Stephanie would come home from work and her room would be littered with clothing. Clean clothes were pulled from her dresser and dirty clothes pulled from the hamper. She placed the blame on her roomies daughter, but the little girl never owned up to it.

A few months later, Stephanie as able to move out on her own, and took the sofa and dresser to her new apartment. She was shocked to come home to clothes once again scattered all over the apartment. Then she was frightened when she saw a little girl standing in the room laughing at her. The girl disappeared before Stephanie got over the shock.

Stephanie has since moved, and she left the sofa and dresser behind. She has had no more activity of the paranormal kind.

Darlene’s Dilemma

Darlene’s husband was doing some home renovations in the Washington, DC area. The woman had died and left no will, had no known family, but had some photo albums, china, and many other personal items left in the house. The renovators were told to throw them all out. Darlene’s husband brought the photo albums to her, and they have had hopes of researching the woman and seeing if they can find someone close to her to pass them on to. Once the photo albums came to Darlene’s home, they starting having unexplained things happening. Lights would go on and off. Cabinets would open and shut, as would doors. Darlene’s son had bought a new cell phone and was talking to his girlfriend on it. He was playing with the video at the same time and caught a white mist in the shape of a woman walking in the hallway past his bedroom door. This activity occurred for only a few weeks, and then peace descended again in their home. Could the woman just be checking up on her photo album and making sure it was being taken care of?

The Pie Safe

Sarahs’ grandmother, Ferol, inherited a pie safe from her paternal grandmother, who was full-blooded Cherokee. Ferol and her husband, T.B., refinished it and used it in their kitchen as a china cabinet.

One day, Ferol and T.B. were getting ready to leave the house and noticed the door of the pie safe was opened. They didn’t know who would have left it opened, but they closed it and left. They came home to find that there was a fire in the kitchen. The burner of the stove had been left on.

Since that day, the pie safe has opened on its own when there is a death in the family.

When Ferol’s father Irvy passed away, his wife Sarah wore his watch. She also constantly wore a ruby ring that Ferol and T.B. had given her. After Sarah died, Ferol put the ring and watch in the back of a pie safe drawer. They came home one day to find the drawer opened and the jewelry placed in the front of the drawer. That same day, a sliding door in the hallway was opened and the bathroom door was closed. Sarah was always known for opening and closing doors and Ferol has always been known for everything being perfect in her house. Nothing is ever out of place. The family believes in the predictions of the pie safe, and that Sarah still visits.

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