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1. Longmont, Colorado. My family and I lived in Longmont in 2005. One late night, my daughter and I took our two dogs on a walk. We were returning to our home when we spotted a man and his white German Shepherd. We chose to cross the street because we didn’t know how his dog would react to ours. When we were in the middle of the street, the shepherd came up to us. I turned around to ask the man to get his dog, and he was no longer there. He disappeared. The white dog and ours sniffed one another but he wouldn’t let me pet him. When he was done with his greeting, he ran up our street and disappeared before our eyes. I did a search on the man and his dog. They were both killed by a car while crossing in a crosswalk. The man and his dog has been seen all over Longmont. — Kimberly S.

2. This story was sent a few years ago from one of my readers. He sent a photo that I found very intriguing. It was during a snowstorm outside of his home in Cippenham, Slough, Berkshire, England. In the photo is a mist in the shape of a cloaked figure. Taking a photo in the cold can be tricky. When you breathe, you make “smoke”. In some neighborhoods, there is steam coming from vents in the road. Fireplaces make smoke that shifts into many forms. Photoshop can be used to make all sorts of figures into a photo. When someone sends me photos, I have to explain to them that I wasn’t there, so I do not know the circumstances and have no control over the conditions. Suki sent me an outline of that particular day and told me stories of what he had been experienced in his home. Suki was experiencing problems with his asthma, so was relaxing in his room, playing his guitar. His wife, Jessie, persuaded him to go outside with her and look at the snow. He grabbed his camera and snapped a photo. It was one of snow. He took another one, and had a blast of cold wind hit him in the face, enough to turn his head to the side and tense his jaw and neck. He was stunned by the force and when he looked at the photo he had just taken, he was shocked! In the photo he could see the form of a cloaked figure with an arm outstretched. The figure was not in the photos he took before or after and neither was any mist, smoke, breath, etc. He looked around his neighborhood and noted that no wind was blowing, no cars were running – there was no smoke or steam anywhere. Suki and his wife have lived in this home for three years, and they have experienced odd happening quite frequently. Friends come to the house and get touched by invisible hands. Items go missing or misplaced. Unexplained knocking sounds can be heard. No one in the home smokes, but a strong smell of cigarette can be detected. One particular door opens and shuts on its own, and recently, orbs of light have started appearing in the bedroom. Suki has kept me updated on the spooky happenings. I would love to investigate and learn more of the history.

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