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1. Longmont, Colorado. My family and I lived in Longmont in 2005. One late night, my daughter and I took our two dogs on a walk. We were returning to our home when we spotted a man and his white German Shepherd. We chose to cross the street because we didn’t know how his dog would react to ours. When we were in the middle of the street, the shepherd came up to us. I turned around to ask the man to get his dog, and he was no longer there. He disappeared. The white dog and ours sniffed one another but he wouldn’t let me pet him. When he was done with his greeting, he ran up our street and disappeared before our eyes. I did a search on the man and his dog. They were both killed by a car while crossing in a crosswalk. The man and his dog has been seen all over Longmont. — Kimberly S.

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