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Welcome to our website. We are affiliated with Western Slope Paranormal from Grand Junction, Colorado. We are interested in ghost stories from around the world, and do paranormal investigating locally. I am still figuring this website out, so it may be rough for a while, but hopefully it will be a good resource for anything paranormal. There is going to be a place for readers to share their stories, information on ghost walks, and more. Bear with me as I build this exciting website.

If you have a story to share or know of or operate a Ghost Tour, please share via email

Horse Thief Canyon, Mesa County, Colorado

Horse Thief Canyon is a beautiful, relaxing spot to hang out, camp, hike, or ghost hunt. We have spent several evenings under the stars on warm summer nights, looking at the stars and hoping for a visit from at least one of the ghosts that seem to haunt this area.

In my research, I haven’t quite figured out the history of the area. Many conflicting stories. One story is that a woman was trampled while horse thieves were bringing a herd of stolen horses through the canyon. Oral history states the the canyon got its name because of a “backslider” form the Mormon church named Herber Young lived there. He was known to buy horses stolen from Mormons in Utah. The story that I do know as fact, is a farming/ranching family lived, loved, and a woman named Jennie died in a farmhouse in the canyon. (could she be the woman in white that people report seeing?) I also know that there is something haunting the area.

My team and I originally started investigating the canyon when it was reported by a waste truck was driving through to pick up a dumpster. The driver said something “whooshed” through the truck. She is not a follower of the paranormal and was pretty shook up.

The first time we went up there it was probably the most active and unusual. We usually walk the area, checking out what might be “hot spots”, getting a feeling of the area. That is easier to do in small enclosed locations, but we did hike around some. We than sat in a circle, talking, collecting evps, watching for potential shadows, and seeing if motion detectors would go off. That is when I had my personal experience. The air temperature was 64 degrees that evening but I began to feel extremely cold. When hitting me with the the laser thermometer, my body temperature, as well as the chair I had been sitting on for several minutes, showed up as 46 degrees. We did not get any electronic voice at that time but it took me 20 minutes and a heavy jacket that one of the team members just happened to have in their car, to warm up.

We decided to walk down the road and do an EVP session. We stopped at a spot that interested us in the moment. Team member Lynn began to complain about a sharp pain in her back. She was doubled over for a few minutes while we tried to get a possible spirit to talk to us. Lynn stood up and announced her pain was gone. At the same moment, we did get a woman’s voice say “I’m done”.

We decided that this location definitely had some paranormal activity.

The next time back there, we really didn’t have much activity to report. There was the whisper of a woman’s voice on my recorder. We were unable to decipher what was said.

Some of us returned at the beginning of this past summer. I seem to capture the voice of a woman every time there, so we were hoping to contact her again and would really like to know who she is. We didn’t get any names but a white mist formed twice by two of our investigators. Was that the Woman in White that many people have reported seeing in the canyon?

We will return again, and maybe next time we can come up with a name and a story of the woman.

Returning with a Message

Letters, Envelope, Old, Antique, Post, Labeled, Paper

When I was looking for stories and legends in Pendleton County, West Virginia, my friend Janice told me about something that happened when she was young.

She was spending the night with a friend in Brandywine and a woman appeared in the bedroom. She kept pointing to the wall. This was a continual thing in this house, so finally someone opened up the wall where she was pointing and found some important papers. The family found the previous owners son, and gave him the papers. The woman stopped her visits.

When you study ghost stories, there seems to be many of this sort. Business left undone. Mysteries left unsolved. Another family in Brandywine was being disturbed by knocking throughout the night. When they discovered some old newspapers in the attic, the knocking stopped. They never figured out the significance, but the newspapers must have meant something to someone.

I am looking for more of these type of stories so please share if you have one.

The Virginia Quilt Museum

Photo from Yelp

Located in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, the quilt museum “exists to celebrate and nurture Virginia’s quilting heritage by collecting and preserving quilts from Virginia for the benefit of the public for educational purposes.”

The museum is housed in the building known as the Warren-Sipe House, which was built in 1856 as a wedding gift for Edward “Tif” Tiffin Harrison Warren and his bride, Virginia Magruder.

Edward was a Harrisonburg attorney. During the Civil War, he served as a Colonel with the 10th Virginia Infantry. He joined early and fought in many of the most famous battles that were fought in the East. In 1864, he was killed by a bullet to the head while fighting in the Battle of the Wilderness.

In 1863, the home was used as a hospital following the battle of Gettysburg. The 19 year old “Boy Major” Joseph White Latimer died in an upstairs bedroom from wounds he received at Gettysburg.

Latimer was a promising young officer in the Confederate Army Northern Virginia’s artillery branch. He went to school at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and studied artillery tactics under Stonewall Jackson. During Joseph’s second year at VMI, the Civil War broke out and he left school to serve with the Southern Confederacy. He served as a drill master and eventually was promoted to the rank of major. Due to his youth and slight build, he was called “ The Boy Major”.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, an exploding shell injured Joseph’s arm. The arm was amputated at the Daniel Lady Farm, which still stands at the Gettysburg Battlefield. Latimer was hospitalized in Winchester, Virginia, but the movement of the Federal troops required him to be moved to a safer location. He was transported to Harrisonburg and to the Warren family home. Eventually, gangrene took over Joseph’s wound and he died August 1, 1863, just twenty-six days before his 20th birthday. He was buried in the Woodbine Cemetery in Harrisonburg.

There have been reports of a male spirit being seen at the top of the stairs of the Quilt Museum. Some reports have the spirit descending the stairs. Some reports state that the ghosts head seems to be wrapped in bandages. Could this be the ghost of Colonel Warren checking up on the female going-ons in his home?

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the workers at the museum. No one from the museum has ever admitted to seeing a ghost in the building. A psychic visiting the museum felt a presence of a small spirit near her in the upstairs hallway. It sounds like the Boy Major still might be there also.



Since I was a young child, I have heard my mother tell how she knew her father was going to die because she had a dream the night before. I have heard many similar stories.

One story was told to me by an older gentleman in West Virginia. He was walking home alone from a church function one night. He started getting an odd sensation and when he looked behind him, he saw a floating coffin. He ran all the way home to find out that his cousin had just died.

Premonitions are not always about someone dying. A friends daughter had a dream about a smoke detector next to her father’s bed, where the alarm clock should have been. The next day, there was a small fire in the bedroom.

A friend woke up at 3:30am, knowing that something was wrong somewhere. The phone rang, and she had found out her daughter just had a seizure.

I was on vacation in Colorado when I dreamt my friend in Scotland had her baby. She did. The same time I was dreaming it!

Animals and the Paranormal

One of my Facebook friends shared this story with me

“When mum was in the hospital, we looked after her dog Tasha. Tasha slept on our bed, as she had always slept with mum. At 6am one morning, Tasha got up and paced around, whining and being a general nuisance, which was unlike her. We got up to see what the matter was, but she then settled down again and went back to sleep.

Two hours later, the hospital phoned to tell us that mum had died at 6am. Her death was totally unexpected to us all, but we took comfort from the fact that we are sure she came to say goodbye to us and her beloved Tasha.”

Georgina Morgan

The Black Cat

Jenny had a black cat named Fred. He was a loving cat and would sit on her lap, but his favorite thing was to sit on the fourth stair of the staircase that led to the second floor.

Jenny got married and had to move out of state to be with her new husband. She decided to leave Fred at her parent’s house until she could get resettled and make sure pets were allowed at her new home.

A few months later, she went to collect her cat. He was nowhere to be found. Her parents told her that he disappeared after she left. Jenny was heartbroken. A couple of days before she had to return back to her new home, she entered the house to see a black cat sitting on the fourth stair. She was so happy to see her beautiful cat, but when she started to go toward him, her father stopped her. He confessed that he had killed Fred after she left. He had never liked that cat and he was ruining the furniture and quit using the litter box after Jenny left. Her father apologized with tears and a touch of fear in his eyes. The black cat stood up and stretched. He looked at Jenny’s father with his intelligent yellow eyes, walked down the stairs and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Oscar the Cat

In Providence, Rhode Island there is a cat named Oscar that resides in the dementia unit of Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Oscar was brought in to the center as a therapy animal, but he is not known to be friendly. Oscar roams the halls of the center, unchecked and unbothered.

The staff began to notice that Oscar has an uncanny talent. He is able to predict when one of the patients was nearing their death. Oscar would curl on the bed next to them until they passed. The patients are usually unaware of the cat’s presence, so they do not realize that he is bringing news of their death. The staff has learned after over 50 correct predictions that they are able to contact the family in a timely manner so they can be there when their loved one passes. No one dies on the 3rd floor of the center alone.

Menehunes of Hawaii

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Pali Highway from My Files

Folklore around the world include little, mythical people, such as pixies, brownies, and leprechauns. Hawaii has menehunes. They are believed to be shy and live deep in the rain forests. They are industrious, have super strength, and construct wonders overnight. They have been attributed to the building of shrines, temples and even a pond for their queen and her brother. Legend is that daylight would turn the menehunes into stone, so their tasks had to be completed in the night. The queen and her brother admired their pond so much that they lingered and were caught the sun’s rays. Their stone forms can be seen looking over their pond in Alakoki.

Some scholars now believe that the menehunes are not mythical but instead the descendants of settlers from Marquesas sometime around the sixth century. Later, immigrants from Tahiti, who arrived 600 years later, may have defeated the descendants from the original settlers and pushed them on to Kauai, where most of the menehune legends stem from. The Tahitians used the word “menehune” for slaves and lower class workers.

I heard stories of the menehune and their pranks the whole time I lived in Hawaii. To this day, if something comes up missing, we blame it on the menehune.

My parents kept horses at the stables of Wheeler Air Force Base outside of Wahiawa. There was land around the base that was not developed and riders would enjoy long rides out with their horses. They were warned about one section of land that had small piles of stones built in random places. These were reported to be shrines the menehunes built. Riders were told to leave bits of food if they came across any of these shrines. It was a lesson quickly learned. If you didn’t leave food, you would be tossed off your horse.

We had a librarian on the Navy base that I lived on. Helen told me her menehune story. She would have to drive to and from work on the Pali Highway. Pali Highway and the Old Pali Road are the locations for many “chicken skin” stories, including a figure of white, men hanging from trees, or jumping off into the valley below.

Helen would carry food in her car and throw a bit of it out the window as she crossed over the highway. If she didn’t do this, her car would stall. She blamed this on the menehunes, but I am wondering now how often she carried pork to work, maybe in the form of a ham sandwich?

There is an old legend that pork attracts spirits and upsets the relationship between Pele, the fire goddess, and Kamapuaa, the pig god. Traveling over Pali Highway with a pork product is taboo. Anyone who ignores this legend and travels with pork may experience car troubles or even an accident. It is advised to throw the pork out the window if you encounter trouble. It is believed that since it is a form of the pig god, the car trouble may be Pele’s way of keeping Kamapuaa from traveling into her domain.

Ghost Stories from Marsha

When I get people to tell me their ghost stories, they usually have more than one. These are from a co-worker:

When Marsha was a young girl in Alabama, she used to go swimming with her older brother. The two kids would walk down to the fishing pier that led into the lake. Marsha would jump off one side where the water was shallow since she didn’t swim well, and her brother would go off the other side where it was deeper. This particular day, there were no other swimmers at the lake. Marsha stepped off the wrong side and went under. She knew she was drowning, but suddenly she felt hands under her arms and she was pulled back to the surface. She was sure it was her brother that saved her, but after rubbing the water from her eyes she saw that she was alone and her brother was at the other side of the lake, oblivious to her troubles. The incident frightened her so bad that for seventy years she never told anyone.

As an adult, Marsha lived in Manassas, Virginia. She rented an old house from a doctor who had moved to Florida. Her brother came to visit and they were sitting in the living room, watching television. Her brother looked towards the sliding glass door that led to the backyard. “Who’s the kid?” he asked. Marsha looked up and there was a little boy in pajamas and a robe looking in at them. He suddenly vanished before either of them could get up to find out where he came from. They looked around the house, but saw no sign of a child.

Marsha asked neighbors about the little boy. She found out that the doctor who owned the house had a five year old son that drowned in the pool that used to be set up in the backyard. Was that the little boy they saw?

Marsha had a friend who married a widower. This friend was having problems sleeping in bed with her new husband. In the middle of the night, a cold, invisible “something” would start pushing her off the bed. The bride persuaded the husband to sell the house and move. Marsha never did hear if the ex-wife moved with them or not.

The Lady By the Window

I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a woman standing in my room by the window. I remember seeing her legs through the transparent dress she wore. It seems that maybe the moon light was shining through the blinds. I was too afraid to shout out. I thought the woman was there to kidnap me or even kill me. I pretended to be asleep but watched my door to see if she would leave. She never did, at least not through the bedroom door. I later found out that during this time period, in this particular house in Asmara, Ethiopia, odd things would happen most nights. I would wake my parents telling them someone was breathing in my room (which I do not remember). My parents would hear something unseen bumping around the house, disturbing the dogs and knocking things to the floor. I was five years old when this was happening. I never thought of ghosts until several years later. At five, a ghost is a floating sheet or Casper.

Growing up, odd things continued to happen in the houses we lived in, whether California or Hawaii. Phantom cigarette smoke, lights going off and on, and unexplained noises. My friend Tim was the paperboy in Hawaii. He would slam the mailbox that was attached to the wall outside my bedroom. It woke me up so often, I was usually awake and waiting for the noise so I could go back to sleep. I threatened to wait for him one morning and shoot him with a water gun. He thought I was doing just that one morning when he saw a female at my bedroom window. He then realized the figure was “both in and out at the same time”. There was no light on in my bedroom and the windows where bubbly slats, so it would have been hard to someone inside the room. He realized it wasn’t me and it wasn’t normal and he was leery of delivering our paper after that.

I left home and joined the Navy. My first duty station was Atsugi, Japan. Our dorm rooms were set in quads, four rooms attached to a centrally located lounge with sofa, television, and card table with chairs. A group of us were sitting out in the lounge and listening to music from the stereo in my room, which meant my door was opened. Cecelia, one of my quad mates, was sitting in a chair across from my room and could see inside. She asked me “Who is in your room?”. I looked around and everyone was accounted for. She turned an odd color pale and insisted she had just seen a woman cross from my bed to the bathroom. She had long brown hair and looked to be wearing a white dress! I had to tell the story of the woman I saw in Africa, who I believe my friend saw in Hawaii, and now seemed to have followed me to Japan. I also told them I had been having issues in the past week with my stereo turning on and off by itself.

For many years, I didn’t seem to have any paranormal experiences in my homes, until my oldest daughter was born. We were living in Pensacola, Florida and Annika was 3. I had just finished reading her a story before bed when she looked at me and asked who the lady was standing by her closet. A few months later, my husband woke up and was wondering why I was up and standing by the bedroom window. Then he realized I was still asleep at his side.

When Annika was 4, the Navy stationed my husband in the Azores. Our sponsors had set us up a second story apartment and our first night moving in, Annika asked who the lady was standing at the kitchen window. There was no where for a person to stand outside and look in and we were alone in the kitchen, so my only conclusion was my spirit woman was following me and checking in on my family. I am not sure if the addition of my children caused her to be more active or if we just noticed things more, but our paranormal activity had seemed to increase, and sometimes it seems as if there were more than one ghost involved.

In the Azores, we moved from the apartment to a house closer to base. In the three years there, we had several unexplained things happen. One night the radio in the girls’ room turned on by itself and was blasting loud enough to startle Les and me out of sleep but my daughters didn’t budge. By this time, we were used to stereos and televisions turning off and on, or smoke detectors being “tested”. What we were not used to was things moving on their own. Annika was on the way to her bedroom one night when she came running out of the kitchen with the look of terror on her face. She told us that a package of crackers, now setting on the counter, were floating in the air!

Near the same spot, my three year old son was standing one morning. I was watching him because I knew he was bored and wanted to play with his two year old sister. He was thinking about waking her up. Before I could say something to him I heard a slapping sound. He came running out of the kitchen because “someone” had just smacked him in the back!

Later on, we moved to West Virginia into an old farm house. We had to deal with the television turning off and on while we were watching it. Again the smoke detectors going off. One night a Christmas tree ornament went flying across the room. The kids saw a phantom figure going down the stairs. We figure most of the experiences were the lady who seems to follow us. Annika was woken up one night hearing what sounded like a battle outside in our yard. We lived in an area that saw skirmishes during the Revolutionary War, the Indian wars, and the Civil War.

In 2002, we moved from West Virginia to Broadway, Virginia into an older farmhouse. This house is well over a hundred years old. My children and a two year old granddaughter moved with us. The two year old, Sky, walked into her room our first night there and asked who the lady was by the window. We knew then that she moved with us once again.

I have done family research and there is no one I can pinpoint that this woman might be. Maybe she was an American who died in Ethiopia and didn’t want to stay there so moved on with us. She still lets us know she is around by playing with radios and smoke detectors. She may have been the one who threw some books to the floor one evening, but we have come to realize there is a little girl ghost in this farm house also.

I have seen the child as a shadow person running through the house. I have also heard her giggling on the front porch. My children have heard her giggling and talking in the middle of the night. I have a young man who sleeps on my sofa on evenings when he stays late watching movies with my daughter. He has been woken up by someone playing with his feet or from the sense of someone intently watching him. I think she really likes James.

Update: I had written this story several years ago. My children are all grown and living out of the home. My husband is deceased, and I live in Colorado. I have no hauntings in this house, which is fine. The woman who had followed me for so many years, is no longer with me. My children have not told me any stories, so I am not sure if she is with them or not. I can’t help but wonder if she moved on when my husband died.

Imaginary Friends. Or Are They?

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Imaginary Friends, Or Are They?

When my daughter was four years old, she had a “friend”. It took us a while to figure out that his name was Barnaby. She had a hard time saying this name and she would get very angry at us when we couldn’t say his name correctly. We weren’t bothered by her having an imaginary friend. She was the only child at the time, and she was too little to visit friends whenever she wanted to. However, sometimes he just seemed too real. He wasn’t always there when she wanted him to be. He had a strong love for Disney World and would visit there quite often. I need to mention, we lived a long way from Disney World and we were never able to take a trip there.

We went out to dinner one night after my son was born. All four spots at the table were taken by my family. A man and his wife came in and sat at the table next to ours. Annika began to scream like she was in pain! We finally figured out that the man sat on Barnaby! He was gracious and changed seats.

It was time for us to move. Les was being stationed in the Azores. As we were saying our goodbyes to friends and neighbors, Annika was asked if Barnaby was going with us. “No, he is staying here. It would be too far away from Disney World.”

That was the end of Barnaby.

The Mean Girl

For a short time, a family was having problems getting their little girl to go out and play with her friends. She would much rather play in her room with her toys. She would sit for hours and play and chatter to herself. The playground near their home would be loud with the laughter and hollering of the neighborhood children but Tia was content to sit and play on her own.

Her parents would ask her why she didn’t want to go outside and the answer was “Jenny doesn’t want me to”. Oh, ok. We have an invisible friend! There was no amount of persuasion that was getting the child to go out and play with other children. Her friend Jenny didn’t want her to have any other friends and she would be very angry with Tia.

Tommy decided his daughter needed some time away from her room and he forced Tia to go outside. She was adamant about how mad Jenny would be and seemed to be truly terrified. Once in the playground, Tia became physically ill and her father had to carry her back into the house. He didn’t force her again.

Eventually, Jenny went away and Tia was able to enjoy her friends once more. To this day, however, Tommy insists he saw a little girl ghost standing in the hallway.

Ava and Steve

It was the middle of summer. The weather was excessively hot for a July day in Virginia. Shannon and her family spent their weekends at her parents’ “getaway” home in the hills because it had a swimming pool.

Shannon’s three year old knew which part of the pool she that she was allowed in, but on this 4th of July, she decided to go into the deep end. Shannon’s sister pulled the little girl out of the water before any harm came to the child.

Later that day, Ava told her mother that Steve was mad at her. Shannon was unsure of who Steve was, but asked why Steve was mad. “Because I didn’t have sunscreen on.”

For several weeks, Ava would talk about Steve. She wanted her mommy to pick Steve up and bring him to the house so she could play with him. Some days he would already be at the house and she would be playing with him. When asked about him, sometimes the answer would be that he went home to be with his mommy and daddy. Shannon tried not to make a big deal out of the invisible friend, but she thought it was odd that Steve wouldn’t be there when Ava wanted him. Couldn’t she make believe that he was there when she needed a playmate? Shannon did ask Ava what he looked like. Ava said that he had dark hair and dark eyes. He was three like her but tall like her daddy.

Shannon was at a basket party one day with friends and family. She told the story about the invisible Steve. She mentioned that it started at the house in the hills after Ava had to be rescued from the swimming pool. That is when Shannon was told some history about the house.

The previous owners had a son named Steve. It was believed that he lived a rough life of abuse from his father. When he was a teenager, he tried to commit suicide, but later died in a car accident when he was in his twenties. A yearbook was found and he did have dark hair and dark eyes.

Steve seemed to only stay around for a few weeks. Maybe he had to relive some childhood moments. Maybe he just wanted to make sure Ava was fine and happy. Shannon is convinced that Steve was not the typical imaginary friend.

Update: Steve came back after being gone for a couple of months. Shannon’s daughters were playing in the backyard and Ava mentioned Steve was in the tree. Ava’s sister told Shannon that someone was throwing rocks from the tree, but there was no one up there. The dog was barking and growling at the tree.

When I posted an inquiry on my facebook group Western Slope Historical and Paranormal Society, I got quite a few responses from readers:


She was a little older when she had her imaginary friend. Her friend was with her until she was about eleven or twelve years old. She called her Diana. When she played or talked to her, she imagined her to be about the same age, fair skinned with long wavy hair. She never talked to anyone about Diana, but her stepfather had seen a little girl in the house with the same characteristics. When Brenda’s sister moved out, she thought she would be lonely, but she found comfort in Diana. When Brenda’s family moved, Diana was no longer around. Was it because she stayed at the house, or did Brenda just outgrow an imaginary friend?


She lives in Grand Junction, Colorado which used to be Ute Indian territory before they were pushed onto a reservation. Brittany had two Indian children “imaginary” friends. At her young age, they were her best friends and companions. They were rather mean, however. They would take her toys and pinch her. She was told later by her mother and aunt that she would have pinch marks, so they were convinced the Indian children were not imaginary but a little more sinister. When Brittany’s family moved, the two Indian children did not go with them.


She moved to Colorado when she was seven years old. The house they moved into was built in 1919, by a prominent family in Grand Junction. Casie made friends with an invisible boy. Her mother thought it was odd she didn’t make up a girl friend, but whatever kept her daughter happy. Living in a new area is always hard, especially when moving out into a rural area with few neighbors.

In her brothers room, there would be knocking on the window. Visitors would hear it, but her brother never did.

It was later found out that a little boy who once lived in that house, had died and that was his room. He was possibly buried somewhere in the land around the house.

This house has since been destroyed in a fire.

The Photograph

The Photograph

When you collect stories of the paranormal, you always get some that make you say “Hmmmm”. A friend told me a story of a house she went to when she was looking to buy. She insists that it kept changing from modern to Victorian in décor when she went into a room. Do I believe her? I guess I have to if I expect people to believe me. After studying the paranormal, I have come to realize anything is possible.

One of my fellow investigators was telling us about a photograph in her mother’s possession. Lana’s aunt was an artist and painted a picture of what they call The Old Home Place. Generations of family were raised in this old farmhouse. Lana’s mother has a photo of the painting. After the aunt died, the photo changed. There is what appears to be a figure of a woman waving from the back porch. She is wearing a white dress, which is what Aunt Nancy was buried in. A small animal seems to be at her feet. Nancy was an animal rights activist. Within a years time, Lana lost a cousin, a sister, and her father. The photo kept changing. What appears to be a man is standing on the lower porch, in the spot where Lana’s father would stand and drink his morning coffee. A little girl with a bobbed haircut looks to be playing near the lilac bush where Lana and her sisters would play as children. On the upper porch seems to be a young man standing.

I saw this photo a few years ago and saw it again recently. In that time, more figures seem to be appearing. There is a bench which looks to hold a man and a child, with a woman standing behind, as well as a couple of other children playing. It is a fascinating photograph, and I have no explanation.