Paranormal Fundraiser at the Haunted Elks Lodge

Western Slope is fortunate to be able to be connected to the historical Elks Lodge in Grand Junction Colorado. We are getting to know the history as well as the hauntings. The unliving residents are starting to know us and respond to us. As an Elk myself, I have someone messing with me while atContinue reading “Paranormal Fundraiser at the Haunted Elks Lodge”

The Headstone Under A House

Our team, Western Slope Paranormal, was asked to investigate a house in Montrose, . The owners were having what they felt was paranormal activity and were horrified when their electrician found a military headstone laying on the ground under their home. Five of our team went to investigate. We were told by the owner thatContinue reading “The Headstone Under A House”

Western Slope Paranormal Meetup

Save the Date: 23 January (Sunday), 1:00. We will be having a meeting at The Dancing Moon B&B 568 34 Rd Clifton. Our agenda will be to discuss our function and accept applications from interested people. We are looking for tech support, librarian/record keeper, case manager, and help with tours, investigations, and fund raisers. CheckContinue reading “Western Slope Paranormal Meetup”

SIVA Investigation, Private Home, Brandywine, WV

In Brandywine, West Virginia lived a man everyone called “Goosey”. According to some stories, he was cranky and very protective of his garden. The local children had to walk pass his garden and over a ridge to get to their one room school house. He would yell at them every day, “You better not stepContinue reading “SIVA Investigation, Private Home, Brandywine, WV”

Ferry Plantation, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Address: 4136 Cheswick Ln, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Phone: (757) 944-0500 Website: The Ferry Plantation House is set in the center of the Church Point subdivision in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The houses surrounding it are half million dollar homes and this mansion fits right in. The house sits on .1 acres that is owned by the cityContinue reading “Ferry Plantation, Virginia Beach, Virginia”

Horse Thief Canyon, Mesa County, Colorado

Horse Thief Canyon is a beautiful, relaxing spot to hang out, camp, hike, or ghost hunt. We have spent several evenings under the stars on warm summer nights, looking at the stars and hoping for a visit from at least one of the ghosts that seem to haunt this area. In my research, I haven’tContinue reading “Horse Thief Canyon, Mesa County, Colorado”

Returning with a Message

When I was looking for stories and legends in Pendleton County, West Virginia, my friend Janice told me about something that happened when she was young. She was spending the night with a friend in Brandywine and a woman appeared in the bedroom. She kept pointing to the wall. This was a continual thing inContinue reading “Returning with a Message”

The Virginia Quilt Museum

Located in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, the quilt museum “exists to celebrate and nurture Virginia’s quilting heritage by collecting and preserving quilts from Virginia for the benefit of the public for educational purposes.” The museum is housed in the building known as the Warren-Sipe House, which was built in 1856 as a wedding gift for EdwardContinue reading “The Virginia Quilt Museum”