Paranormal Fundraiser at the Haunted Elks Lodge

Western Slope is fortunate to be able to be connected to the historical Elks Lodge in Grand Junction Colorado. We are getting to know the history as well as the hauntings. The unliving residents are starting to know us and respond to us.

As an Elk myself, I have someone messing with me while at a meeting. A pin on my jacket lapel has never fallen off. It is securely fastened. It was removed from my jacket and placed on the floor.

When our team is there, we set up various pieces of equipment, such as melmeters, EMF detectors, led balls, to name a few. At least of the residents enjoys making the lights come on. They are also starting to show themselves as shadows. Unfortunately we still haven’t seen a full body apparition, which other Elk members see frequently. There is at least two men that have been seen.

We are visited by a man named Nick. His name comes up frequently on our Ghost Box. And there is a “dancing lady”, or so she is called, that resides in the attic. When our team member Trey is there, the perfume of this woman is also. She has an attraction to Trey.

We would like to invite the community to join us for an investigation Oct 29. It is an Elks Fundraiser and has been called fun and exciting. Join us for more stories, see the beautiful building, and if your a lucky, meet one of the resident ghosts. You will learn about the equipment we use and find out what it is like to be a paranormal investigator.

Details and payment is at the link:

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