The Headstone Under A House

Our team, Western Slope Paranormal, was asked to investigate a house in Montrose, . The owners were having what they felt was paranormal activity and were horrified when their electrician found a military headstone laying on the ground under their home.

Five of our team went to investigate. We were told by the owner that things would be misplaced and found in unusual places, they heard odd noises, and when he was sitting at his desk working, he often felt he was being watched.

The first thing we did was check out the headstone and get the name and dates. It was a standard white Veterans headstone and the veteran served in WWII. Then we walked around inside the home with the Electromagnetic Field Detector (EMF). What we discovered was that the EMF was pretty high near the desk and discovered the electric box was on the outside wall parallel to the desk. That would indicate to us that that may be the cause of his paranoia of being watched. High EMF can cause headaches, paranoia, nausea, etc. We also discovered a cemetery up the hill behind the house.

We set up inside the living area of the home with some of our standard equipment such as the EMF detector, digital recorders, video camera, digital cameras and decided to experiment with the flashlight test. (Spirits can sometimes manipulate the maglite and twist it off and on).

The atmosphere would change periodically, and it will feel like “someone” was checking in on us. We would get the occasional yes answer by getting the EMF detector to light up to red. Using intuition, a big part of being an investigator, we were getting the impression that it was different spirits checking in on us. Our answers were sometimes female, sometimes male. We were wondering if visitors were coming in from the cemetery, checking things out.

Two of our team members are veterans, so we began to discuss the Army. That is when all the detectors lit up bright and the flashlight came on. We were excited about the flashlight experiment because it was actually working. It would light up and dim off, on command. What we did discover is that the owner of the headstone was in the home and just wanted to be noticed. He was not evil and didn’t really mean to be scary but he was the previous owner of the home. His wife may have also been hanging around, and she could have been one of the visitors, but at the time, we didn’t know he had a wife and never even thought of talking to her.

As we were sitting quietly at one point, we heard a noise that wasn’t one of us. We figured out that “someone” had sat down on the drum stool in the room with us. We also heard noises in the kitchen but couldn’t discover what it was. We always take photos, and most of time nothing is captured on film. It is advisable to take at least a sequence of three to note changes if anything paranormal shows up. My sequence was 1. clear, 2. foggy, 3. a member was touched. In the third photo, it is shown that the meters were going off.

Unfortunately, we had no conversation on our recorders but all the other activity was pretty compelling.

After the investigation, we did some research on the man and the headstone. He was actually cremated so he was not buried under the house. Talking to a mortuary, we were told that the family may have been given the headstone and not knowing what to do with it, it was pushed under the house.

2 thoughts on “The Headstone Under A House

  1. The first picture there is a woman , thick in size, happily chubby.. she is wearing a long skirt with an apron she loved to cook and loved to feed everyone…she is standing behind the kid with a white shirt. The kid is mentally depressed and has thoughts of not wanting to be in this dimension anymore. The woman is a loved one , there is also a tall skinny man next to the white guitar. He isn’t very friendly but watches with envy . As far as the tombstone … There was a single when the man passed and when his wife died they had a double tombstone made. Nothing creepy about it. It happens quite often actually.


    1. I don’t know about all the people you seem to see, but the info you have given on headstones I know is not correct. The wife passed first. Both are cremated and there is no headstones for them. This is from the research that I have done on the family history


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