SIVA Investigation, Private Home, Brandywine, WV

In Brandywine, West Virginia lived a man everyone called “Goosey”. According to some stories, he was cranky and very protective of his garden. The local children had to walk pass his garden and over a ridge to get to their one room school house. He would yell at them every day, “You better not step on my potatoes!”

In 1997, we purchased that plot of land, long after Goosey was gone. After a while, we began to wonder if he ever did leave.

Thanksgiving 1999, we moved into the double-wide trailer we had placed on the land. I loved my new home, but was never comfortable in it. When I was alone, I would be “antsy”. I would wander around looking for something, but never knowing what I was looking for. Then my daughters began to tell me stories. One told of a man with a deep voice standing at the end of her bed telling her to “Get out!”. She also told me of blue lights that would come out of her mirror at night. My other daughter told of a blue mist she saw in the kitchen early one morning when she got up to get a drink.

We had moved to Virginia due to my husband’s job. My house was empty for a few months between a renter and going on the market. So, I gathered SIVA members together and we went looking for old man Goosey.

All in all, this investigation was rather disappointing. We didn’t collect any digital voice or electromagnetic activity. Our digital and video cameras came up with no apparitions. We did photograph many orbs and an odd yellow light in the bedroom that the most activity was reported in. We were unable to isolate what was causing the odd light, but we ruled it out as being paranormal.

One of the members sat in that room alone for a period of time – the room that had the deep voice and blue lights. He had his digital recorder on and was asking personal questions to see if he could get any response. The more questions he asked, the heavier the air of the room seemed to get. Unfortunately, there was still no evidence of a haunting captured. No EVP’s on the recorder. No shadows or figures of blue mist. As an investigation team, we put this on our “not haunted” list, but my daughters still disagree!

Footnote: Several weeks after the investigation, my husband and I did some cleaning before we sold the house. My husband was in the garage, which is detached from the house. I was sweeping the kitchen floor. No one was in the house with me, but there were banging noises coming from the other end of the house. I went to investigate. The rooms were all empty, as I knew they would be. It was 97F outside, but what we called the haunted bedroom was ice cold. I guess this may have been my one and only encounter with Goosey.

***SIVA is short for Supernatural Investigators of Virginia. We were a team that worked together for several years***

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