Returning with a Message

Letters, Envelope, Old, Antique, Post, Labeled, Paper

When I was looking for stories and legends in Pendleton County, West Virginia, my friend Janice told me about something that happened when she was young.

She was spending the night with a friend in Brandywine and a woman appeared in the bedroom. She kept pointing to the wall. This was a continual thing in this house, so finally someone opened up the wall where she was pointing and found some important papers. The family found the previous owners son, and gave him the papers. The woman stopped her visits.

When you study ghost stories, there seems to be many of this sort. Business left undone. Mysteries left unsolved. Another family in Brandywine was being disturbed by knocking throughout the night. When they discovered some old newspapers in the attic, the knocking stopped. They never figured out the significance, but the newspapers must have meant something to someone.

I am looking for more of these type of stories so please share if you have one.

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