Since I was a young child, I have heard my mother tell how she knew her father was going to die because she had a dream the night before. I have heard many similar stories.

One story was told to me by an older gentleman in West Virginia. He was walking home alone from a church function one night. He started getting an odd sensation and when he looked behind him, he saw a floating coffin. He ran all the way home to find out that his cousin had just died.

Premonitions are not always about someone dying. A friends daughter had a dream about a smoke detector next to her father’s bed, where the alarm clock should have been. The next day, there was a small fire in the bedroom.

A friend woke up at 3:30am, knowing that something was wrong somewhere. The phone rang, and she had found out her daughter just had a seizure.

I was on vacation in Colorado when I dreamt my friend in Scotland had her baby. She did. The same time I was dreaming it!

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