Animals and the Paranormal

One of my Facebook friends shared this story with me

“When mum was in the hospital, we looked after her dog Tasha. Tasha slept on our bed, as she had always slept with mum. At 6am one morning, Tasha got up and paced around, whining and being a general nuisance, which was unlike her. We got up to see what the matter was, but she then settled down again and went back to sleep.

Two hours later, the hospital phoned to tell us that mum had died at 6am. Her death was totally unexpected to us all, but we took comfort from the fact that we are sure she came to say goodbye to us and her beloved Tasha.”

Georgina Morgan

The Black Cat

Jenny had a black cat named Fred. He was a loving cat and would sit on her lap, but his favorite thing was to sit on the fourth stair of the staircase that led to the second floor.

Jenny got married and had to move out of state to be with her new husband. She decided to leave Fred at her parent’s house until she could get resettled and make sure pets were allowed at her new home.

A few months later, she went to collect her cat. He was nowhere to be found. Her parents told her that he disappeared after she left. Jenny was heartbroken. A couple of days before she had to return back to her new home, she entered the house to see a black cat sitting on the fourth stair. She was so happy to see her beautiful cat, but when she started to go toward him, her father stopped her. He confessed that he had killed Fred after she left. He had never liked that cat and he was ruining the furniture and quit using the litter box after Jenny left. Her father apologized with tears and a touch of fear in his eyes. The black cat stood up and stretched. He looked at Jenny’s father with his intelligent yellow eyes, walked down the stairs and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Oscar the Cat

In Providence, Rhode Island there is a cat named Oscar that resides in the dementia unit of Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Oscar was brought in to the center as a therapy animal, but he is not known to be friendly. Oscar roams the halls of the center, unchecked and unbothered.

The staff began to notice that Oscar has an uncanny talent. He is able to predict when one of the patients was nearing their death. Oscar would curl on the bed next to them until they passed. The patients are usually unaware of the cat’s presence, so they do not realize that he is bringing news of their death. The staff has learned after over 50 correct predictions that they are able to contact the family in a timely manner so they can be there when their loved one passes. No one dies on the 3rd floor of the center alone.

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